Installing (GMS) / Google Play Store for Mate 30 Pro

Mate 30 Pro.pngBackground

Mainly due to US and China Trade War, Huawei was first banned by US that prevented Google for issuing their google license to any Huawei device preinstalled. However that does not prevent end-user to install the google apps on their own which is readily found on the net or any non-google “play store” (apkture, Apotide, etc). I have share the following quick way to get your google Play Store installed within 5-10 minutes. You don’t need to be IT savvy at all.

What is Required

  1. A PC with Windows installed
  2. Basic Huawei Hisuite usage and download (
  3. LZPlay + Google Apps (Download from One Drive)
  4. Basic knowledge of copying APKs from your PC to your phone folder for Google apps install later

Note and Disclaimer:

LZPlay App is the only way to install google play store on your mate 30 Pro. Other method at this point of writing is not able to do so. This was extracted before the original LZPLAY Link was taken down fortunately. So do it at your own risk with someone backup image.

Step by Step installation

After Huawei HiSuite installed:

  1. Set your phone to transfer file mode after you have plug your USB cable from your phone to your PC.
  2. Search for
  3. Click allow hi-suite to use HDB and wait for your phone to connect to your PC Hi-suite which you have just
  4. It will show this screen once you have successfully connected to Hi-Suite.Capture1
  5. Unzip your LZPLAYBACKUP.ZIP to any drive/folder. Click the ‘EDIT” if you save it somewhere else other than the default Huawei backup path.(Note: Temporary disabled your anti-virus or any scanner software)Capture2.PNG
  6. This will prompt you for a password. Type password “a12345678”. This will complete your first part of the LZPLAY installation.
  7. For 2nd part, unzip your to your PC and copy it to your Huawei Phone internal memory to any folder. (I drop them into my download folder)Capture3.PNGCapture4.PNG
  8. Go to your phone and launch “Files” application which is preinstalled on your Huawei Mate 30 Pro and search for the 6 google apps file that you have transferred to your phone earlier.Screenshot_20191027_115813_com.huawei.hidisk
  9. Install all 6 apps. No need to be in any order. After installation, make sure you set the permission to allow all. Here is the 6 pictures below to illustrate this. Repeat this for all the 6 apps you have installed. Make sure you grant the individual components as some app have more than 1. Etc. Phone, location, contacts etc. In this example, there is one of them who has 5 components. (see 5th pic)
  10. Next, launch the LZPlay app on your phone that was restored by Hi-suite earlier. (Previously done via step 1 to step 6)capture5
  11. Click Activate. You will see the next page that has various exclamation marks to install the google apps. DON’T PANIC. You have already installed the google apps earlier so you can ignore this step and go back to home screen.
  12. Now RESTART your device. Congrats! You have finished install GMS on your new Mate 30 Pro.
  13. Sign on to your google account play store as per normal. You will now able to enjoy Google experience on your new phone

Further Note

Do take note that Google NFC contactless payment is not able to work. This is mainly due to some restriction that Mate 30/Mate 30 Pro is not a registered phone by google. However in application purchase via google pay still works as well as your other bank or contactless payment apps. (Of cos, you need to register your bank card via Google Pay website)

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